Environmental awareness and education program

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Conferences, seminars and workshops:
  • Participation in the 14th International Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity, which was held in Sharm El-Sheikh from 13-29 November 2018
  • Participation in various events concerned with the areas of awareness and environmental education with the Supreme Council of Culture at the Ministry of Culture.
  • Participation in the COP27 to climate change in Sharm El-Sheikh, 2022
  • Participation in environmental awareness programs in the Wadi Degla protectorate by preparing a short film on the importance of the park and its natural resources and unique aesthetic areas in central Cairo.
  • Formation of a “National Discovery Group” that expresses the hobby of travel who brought together young people to support and revitalize Egyptian tourism, where children participate with their families in some of the trips in which they are allowed to undertake adventures that are compatible with their young ages.
  • Organizing workshops to raise awareness and environmental education for young people on environmental issues and preserving biodiversity in cooperation with civil society organizations in Fayoum and the Environmental Culture Committee of the Supreme Council of Culture, and opening an interactive dialogue with young people about their role in improving the environment and educating society
Environmental awareness campaigns
  • Under the patronage and presence of H.E. Minister of Environment, events were organized to raise environmental awareness of the importance of preserving the environment and awareness of the importance of preserving natural resources. The EWBF organized a celebration of World Environment Day in the Wadi Degla Park (WDP) in Cairo. During the event, examples of national efforts that contribute to enabling living in harmony with nature in a cleaner, more environmentally friendly and more sustainable way were presented.
  • In cooperation with Vodafone Egypt and Raya Company (Barik) to organize an environmental awareness campaign and collect solid waste with the aim of recycling it in the WDP. 100 young volunteers participated in the campaign. The director of the WDP provided an overview of the park and its importance, and the EWBF educated the participants about the importance of preserving the natural resources in the park. Then bags were distributed to collect waste and socks to the participants and divided them into groups to separate the collected waste.
  • Organizing awareness campaigns for civil society members from the neighboring areas of the WDP and the Petrified Forest Parks, where the most important natural resources in each park and the importance of the park in preserving Egypt’s natural wealth and cultural heritage were explained.
  • Organizing scientific field trips for university students who are the children of Egyptian immigrants abroad to the WDP and the petrified forests, with the participation of the Ministers of Environment and Immigration.
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