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GEF Small Grants Program:
  • The EWBF has implemented, in cooperation with the GEF Small Grants Program of the Global Environment Facility, a distinguished project to support sustainable ecotourism activities in order to preserve biodiversity and develop visitor management programs in the Wadi Degla and Petrified Forest Parks in Cairo.
  • Developing the entrance to the Wadi Degla park by planting some palm trees, some guiding panels and a plate with the park name, as part of the work to support eco-tourism activities in the national parks.
  • Issuing the first educational geological guide about the petrified forest park and its ancient times, as the guide presents information about the petrified forest, its past ages, and the creatures that lived in it, as well as examples from the park about climate change. The guide is available on the EWBF’s website at the link:
  • Preparing and implementing a visitor management program in the two parks. This program included the following activities:
  • Implementation of a study on best practices for visitor management at protected areas
  • Designing a visitor management program
  • Preparing a guide to the most important places, itineraries and various activities
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